The Turkey Tourism Investors Association (TTYD) was established in 1988 as a voluntary representative organization for the tourism sector. Representing the Turkish tourism sector at both national and global levels, TTYD aims to promote the sustainable development of the industry in terms of both investment and management, involving all stakeholders in the tourism sector. The goal is to facilitate the consistent development of the sector in line with sustainable development objectives for both investment and management and to promote global interaction, positioning Turkish tourism in a leadership position worldwide.

The Turkey Tourism Investors Association was founded in 1988 by bringing together large-scale tourism investment companies and holdings in our country. Currently, it represents over 190,000 beds of accommodation capacity, 20,000 airplane seats, 16 airports, marinas with a capacity of over 15,000 yachts, all cruise ports in the country, 6 tour operators, and represents approximately $65 billion in private sector investments in the tourism industry.

Each year, TTYD, with significant advancements supporting the sector's development, aims to create a digital, branded, and financially robust tourism sector with its members providing employment for 165,000 people. With this goal in mind, TTYD, leveraging its professional team, academic collaborations, and technical expertise of member organizations, develops policies, position documents, and medium-to-long-term transformation strategies, creating original and competent projects in effective communication with all stakeholders in the sector.

Moving from the pivotal role the tourism sector plays in our country's development, TTYD aims to make the Turkish tourism sector a global leader in all direct and indirect sectors through the creation of policies, attitudes, and plans.

In this direction, TTYD directly contributes to the creation of economic policies for the sector and collaborates with public institutions, local authorities, academic institutions, research institutes, and civil society organizations to generate projects that add value to the national economy.

TTYD is implementing an effective strategic communication policy to achieve these goals, ensuring influential communication and monitoring of ideas with all stakeholders in the sector, especially public institutions.


TTYD, kamu, yerel yönetimler ve sivil toplum kuruluşlarıyla gerçekleştirdiği ortak çalışmalarla, ülke ekonomisine değer katan çok sayıda projede yer almaktadır.

TTYD is involved in many projects that add value to the national economy through collaborations with the public, local governments and non-governmental organizations.

TTYD organizes the Tourism Investments Forum, which brings together the world's leading brands in Istanbul, and is one of the founding organizations of EMITT (Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair), one of the 5 largest tourism fairs in the world and the largest tourism gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean and Eurasia Region.TTYD organizes the Tourism Investments Forum, which brings together the world's leading brands in Istanbul, and is one of the founding organizations of EMITT (Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair), one of the 5 largest tourism fairs in the world and the largest tourism gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean and Eurasia Region.

TTYD works to improve the investment climate and increase the attractiveness of investments and develops projects in international cooperation to promote Turkey on international platforms and make it a center of attraction for investments.


With a representation of over 190,000 beds in accommodation, 20,000 airplane seats, 16 airports, marinas accommodating over 15,000 yachts, all cruise ports in the country, 6 tour operators, and an overall private sector investment of approximately $65 billion in the tourism industry.

Through its global communication efforts, TTYD is committed to ensuring that as many Turkish cities as possible are recognized among the top ten cities globally that have made significant strides in tourism development.

TTYD reinforces its global standing by holding the position of Vice President in the Business Council of the World Tourism Organization. Serving as a representative for Turkey in the World Travel and Tourism Council, TTYD operates as a non-governmental organization (NGO) to attract investments to Turkey and promote investment opportunities internationally.

Continuing its efforts to prioritize the structural transformation needs of the tourism sector in Turkey's agenda, TTYD remains dedicated to contributing to the transformation that will propel the country to a deserved position in international tourism. This involves addressing elements such as physical transformation, structural changes, destination management, promotion strategy, and legal reforms within the tourism sector.


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