News TTYD Presidential Board visits Minister Ersoy
News / 12 Kasım 2018 Pazartesi Üyelerden Haberler

TTYD's Presidential Board called on Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet ERSOY on 12 November 2018.

Headed by the Chairman of TTYD Presidential Board Mr. Turgut GÜR, TTYD Delegation included TTYD President Ms. Oya NARİN, Vice Presidents Mr. Ali GÜREL, Recai ÇAKIR and Mr. Mustafa GÖÇEN as well as Presidential Board Members Mr. Murat DEDEMAN, Mr. Oktay VARLIER, Mr. Şahin ZABCI, Mr. İsmail IŞIK and Secretary General Fatih TOKATLI.

Presidential Board Chairman Turgut GÜR presented TTYD’s best wishes to the Minister on his selection as Minister and Chairperson P. Oya NARİN shared TTYD’s views on various issues.

The delegation discussed aspects of Tourism Facilities Quality Directive, extension of tourism lease holds as well as soon-to-be established Tourism Development Fund.