Membership Benefits

Due to TYD’s reputation, tourism investment has been accepted as a business profession in Turkey.

Tourism Sector has come to a leader position in Turkish economy. In this respect, it can easily be said that the largest share is owned by the Tourism Investors.

Since Tourism Investors  are key role players in the sector and in national economy, it is natural and necessary to have their own organisation. Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) is the considered organisation for the Tourism Investors.

TYD members consist of high level decision making porfessionals/ authorities who carry out the implementation of our honorary facilities and enterprises. In this respect, in tourism, TYD is considered as Turkish Industry and Business Association like TÜSİAD.

TYD has proposed and resolve several considerable projects for the first time in the sector development.

These are, 


Regional incentive,

Transparency system in land allocation,

Sustainable tourism,

Quality Management on target,

Economical contribution of Tourism Investors,

Tourism master plan,

Principals and aspects of investment move


It’s been proven several times that this association has a leading mission and vision in the Tourism Sector. TYD takes this leadership position from its members’ identity and their power. TYD provides solutions to its members in business world.

Deductions on electricity prices,

Stamp tax concerns in agreements,

Investment allowances on allocated lands,

Standardizing servitude agreements, etc…




These issues and solutions are not only benefits of our members but also benefit for the sector.

In case of need, our members can also share their own sectoral problems directly to TYD. These problems can be regional and can have general characteristics which may also concern our other members as well. In this case, as happened in previous experiences TYD can always take an action.

Sectoral problems should be explained and followed to high level authorities by TYD.

Dialogues among our members are very useful for the solutions of common concerns. TYD’s periodically organized dining meetings, regional meetings, domestic and abroad mass trips contribute very much to constitute these kinds of dialogues. TYD’s always host high level (public and private sector) speaker in dining meetings.

 TYD, also shares ideas with its members concerning project conducting for investments, investment advising, financial resourcing, feasibility studies, management and royalty agreements and generally professional services. TYD occasionally organizes abroad trips by request of its members, to attend investment studies, investment fairs and to travel together.

Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) aims to improve solidarity and social relations among its members and as well as being the biggest and the high level non-governmental initiative in sectoral basis which is owned by YOU. 

TYD will continue to collaborate, work together and generate solutions with public authorities and all concerned parties on behalf of its members accordingly with its vision and targets.