About Us

The Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) was established in 1988 by the principal tourism investors in Turkey.

TYD is a private non-governmental initiative whose main objective is to bring together entrepreneurs investing in the tourism sector and provide assistance in their problems and future plans. The Association sees investment in tourism as the power behind the development process of the sector and the country’s economy and believes that it has a role in the expansion and orientation of the Turkish tourism.

TYD members have invested in accommodation, marinas and yachting, tourism oriented land and air transport, tour operating, touristic shopping centers, entertainment and recreation facilities and golf courses. The total investment portfolio is around US$ 24 billion representing 2/3 of the private investments in Tourism in Turkey.

TYD members have constructed and are operating several touristic facilities in various countries mainly in CIS, Central Europe, Middle East and Balkan region.

One of the TYD’s activities is to assist and achieve collaboration for foreign entrepreneurs with their local counterparts who are interested in tourism investment and management in Turkey or in third countries. In this context international cooperation is vital for TYD to be considered as reference institution. In the international field TYD is a board member of the Business Council of the World Tourism Organization.